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SugarBerry Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

Enjoy the intoxicating, natural aroma of sweet sugar cane extract while you cleanse, refine and deeply purify your skin. A perfect twice daily indulgence for all skin types!

Natural Ingredients formulated with Rx Grade Technology
- Chirally Resolved to maximize benefits and minimize side effects               
- Harnesses the potent power of purified natural ingredients
- Non–Inflammatory resurfacing preserves skins integrity and slows       
           aging process by inhibiting glycation and protecting collagen
- Intoxicating natural aroma of sugar cane, vanilla and berry
- Ideal twice daily for all skin types

The Perfect Blend of Natural Ingredients
- Sugar Cane Extract
- Lactic Acid (L)
- Tartaric Acid(L)
- Malic Acid (L)
- Gently dissolves dull skin cells to reveal more youthful, vibrant cells
- Enhances the penetration of all treatment products
- Chlorophyllin (a derivative of chlorophyll)
- Anti-bacterial, to detoxify and purify skin
- Antioxidants, to protect and restore skins youthful vitality

Result Focused, Visible Radiance
- Decongests pores and minimize appearance
- Refines texture
- Reduces skin shine
- Diminishes appearance of wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation
- Moisturizes and helps maintain plump, supple skin